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PeopleFinders is the largest and most reliable People Search site: we help people find family, friends, classmates, military buddies, old flames or anyone else in the United States. We also provide the data people need to make informed decisions, protect themselves/their families and stay Show More »

PeopleFinders owns 40+ years of historical records, giving customers access to all the information they need in one convenient location. People rely on us for Comprehensive Background Checks, Criminal Records, Reverse Phone Lookups, Email Searches and a variety of public records. We help customers find the most recent data, even if they have limited or old information to start with. Work with us, and help your customers find anyone, anywhere.

Why join our program?


  • $5 revenue payout
  • 45-Day Action Referral Period
  • We have a wide array of services that benefit your customers
  • Dedicated management services
  • You’ll receive a monthly newsletter with helpful tips and special offers
  • Unlimited commissions – the more sales you generate, the more you earn
  • PeopleFinders is a trusted site that maintains an A+ rating with the BBB – we add value to your website
  • $4.00 EPC


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Special Terms and Conditions:
1. Cashback Rates: Flat US$2.5 Cashback

2. Cashback will be Tracked Within: 6 Hours

3. Posting Time for Cashback: Cash Back will be automatically added to your Coupox Cashback account today.

4. Ensure Your Cashback Is Successful:
• Make Sure To Complete Your Transaction Within The Opened Tab. If You Are Not Sure, Come Back And Click The Store Link Again.
• If Your Purchase/Payment/Checkout On Merchant Page Has An Error Or Failure, Please Click Through Our Website Again.
• Return To Our Website And Click Through Merchant Link When You Are Making A New Transaction.
• Click Through Activate Cashback Again If There Is Any Error.
• Read Terms And Conditions Of The Merchant Before Shopping.

5. Cashback will not be paid For:
• Making Bulk Purchases.
• Return And Canceled Orders.
• Purchase By Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers.
• Using Other Cashback/ Coupon/Deals/ Promo Codes Websites During The Session.
• Use Of Promo Codes Or Coupons Not Approved By Us.
• Try To Manipulate Out Website Or Engage In Fraud Activities.

Customer must complete an online purchase within our shopping cart.
Referral Period
45 day(s)
Number Of Occurrences
Locking Method
Standard Actions will be locked after the 10th of the month.
Commission 5.00 USD flat

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